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Filemaker hangs when opening a file or creating a new one

Question asked by Goldo91 on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Suresh

Hello, I've got latest release of FMPro Advanced, duly registered. Everything worked perfectly fine, BUT


After having let it run for quite a while, the filemaker window had disappeared although it coud be seen in the task bar and also I can see filemaker running in task manager. I am running Windows 10.


When I try to toggle between Windows with Alt Del, I can see a FM window but it seems empty and when I try to activate it, nothing happens.


Restarted, tried again: I lauch FMPro alone, the window to open the files opens properly, but as soon as I select a file or even create a new one to avoid opening a potentially corrupted file, the same symptoms occur.


Did deinstall, reboot, reinstall: same thing occurs.


Do not know what to do. Could it be that my Windows 10 would have been performing some update that would be conflicting with FMPro ? Could it be that having kept it opened for long generated a tmp file or whatever that stucks it and does not get rid by deinstall/reinstall ?


If anybody has faced the same issue or has any clue what the root cause could be, I would really appreciate. I ma going to call the support (I am a newbie, I think you only can call them, no ticket logging ?


Thx for your attention and any help