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Spelling check of text displayed in multiple languages

Question asked by realgrouchy on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by alc

We have a form letter that is bilingual. We have one copy of the text in English in one text object, and another in French in another text object.


When I am editing the layout, the English one displays fine, but the French one has most words underlined because the words are not in English.


Is there a way to specify the language of a particular object to handle this type of situation? (Or better yet, specify the language of a section of text within a larger section of text)


While I am currently looking at a piece of text that is fixed (with some <<field references>>) that show the spell checking in Edit mode, this would also be useful for text boxes/text areas that a user edits in Browse mode, such as a product description in English and French.




- RG>