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    How to enable UPPERCASE in FM 14?




      I have developed a lot of technical forms with specific formatting using FileMaker 13 and before.  The formatting has color coded backgrounds and data in specific locations to match the technical equipment data is being recorded for.


      One of the things that keeps the data clean for us is that however a user enters the data, it will appear on the forms in "UPPER CASE".


      When upgrading to FM 14, when the data is entered with either the FM 14 application or the FM Go app (4.0.4) the data entered doesn't automatically show in upper case.  If I enter the data with the previous FM Go app or FM 13, the data shows up in upper case just fine.


      I am probably missing something basic here.  How do I get the fields to show in upper case if I upgrade all my clients and Go apps to the 14 version?



      Steve Bubanovich

      Mishawaka, IN

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          Not sure if we have the whole story here, but one quick fix would be to change a single field's formatting to upper case, and then save that change to the theme.

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            You might try using the Upper function as an autoentered calc so they whenever the data is entered it is upper case and that should solve your display issue since it sounds like you always want the data in upper case.

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              The method suggested by Tom will apply only to the specific field instance that has that setting, but will not affect the underlying data. The method Ken suggests will ensure the data itself is Uppercase. Tom's method can be used to make the field in all records APPEAR as Uppercase, whereas Ken's method will only apply to newly created records—you would have to devise a way to re-enter data into existing records (e.g. use Replace function or a looping script). You choose.

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                Thanks for the suggestions. 


                The best answer is the calculation one but for my needs as long as it appears in upper case I think we are ok.


                The problem I am having is savings it to the theme.  In FM13, I could just change the attributes in the field on the layout and it would appear in upper case.  In FM14, this is not working.  I have a lot of unique formatting I want to keep on the layouts so I really want to save the layout as designed in FM13 as a theme.  I am having some difficultly doing this in FM14.  I didn't use themes before, I just did the formatting according to our internal needs.  Sorry, if the question is too basic.  TIA for your help.



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                  After some reading, I think I am using the calculation method.  It is the easiest all the way around.  Thanks for everyones help!