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    Recover Summary does not report all Changes / Modifications


      Product and version  FileMaker Pro 14.0.2

      OS and version  OS X 10.10.5

      Browser and version N/A



      If you Recover an improperly closed file, items are changed and modified, but not reported. The Recover Summary says "0 item modified"


      Recover should say that the file was not properly closed,  and that items were modified or "changed"


      Not properly closed is a "problem",  even though the file is safe to use

      How to replicate

      Recover a crashed file

      Recover Log:

      2015-12-07 04:57:38.745 -0500test 02.fmp120*** Started consistency check of improperly closed file, total of 1030 block(s) to check
      2015-12-07 04:57:39.125 -0500test 02.fmp120Reset maximum block sequence number to 1847320
      2015-12-07 04:57:39.125 -0500test 02.fmp120*** Completed consistency check, checked 1030 block(s)
      2015-12-07 04:58:49.452 -0500test 02.fmp120*** Started recovery of 'test 02.fmp12'
      2015-12-07 04:58:49.453 -0500test 02.fmp120Scanning blocks and rebuilding file...
      2015-12-07 04:58:49.690 -0500test 02.fmp120Scan complete, found 1026 page(s) to process
      2015-12-07 04:58:49.751 -0500test 02.fmp120Rebuild processed 1026 page(s), completing end of file
      2015-12-07 04:58:49.779 -0500test 02.fmp120Completed copy or rebuild of file blocks



      2015-12-07 04:59:00.882 -0500test 02.fmp120Recovering: theme catalog
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.887 -0500test 02.fmp120  Rebuilding theme catalog order list: name
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.891 -0500test 02.fmp120  Recovering: theme 'com.filemaker.theme.enlightened' (1)
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.939 -0500test 02.fmp128476    This item changed
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.941 -0500test 02.fmp120  Recovering: theme 'com.filemaker.theme.classic' (2)
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.953 -0500test 02.fmp128476    This item changed
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.956 -0500test 02.fmp120  Recovering: theme 'com.filemaker.theme.cool' (3)
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.996 -0500test 02.fmp128476    This item changed
      2015-12-07 04:59:00.999 -0500test 02.fmp120  Recovering: theme 'com.filemaker.theme.custom.55C990A8_06EC_401A_8D01_F019B88662D7' (4)
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.004 -0500test 02.fmp128476    This item changed



      2015-12-07 04:59:01.033 -0500test 02.fmp120Recover built a new database without detecting any problems. The new database is safe to use, though you should monitor the results carefully and make sure to keep up-to-date backups of your databases.
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.034 -0500test 02.fmp120Note: Recover only checks the data blocks of the file and generates a new file from that data.  The Consistency Check checks all blocks of the file, and may find more problems in the original file than Recover does.
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.036 -0500test 02.fmp120File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 1026 block(s), dropped 0 invalid data block(s)
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.043 -0500test 02.fmp120Schema: scanned fields and tables; no problems found
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.046 -0500test 02.fmp120Structure: scanned; 0 item(s) modified
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.046 -0500test 02.fmp120File size after recovery is 4210688 bytes
      2015-12-07 04:59:01.047 -0500test 02.fmp120*** Completed recovery to 'test 02 crash.fmp12'
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          Thank you for your post.


          Currently, the Recover summary will display any problems with the structure and data of the file.  For example, the schema including tables, fields and data.  If there are any errors that affect your data, you can always go to the Recover.log file to see what was done.


          Resetting the block sequence number or modifying a theme will not affect your data.


          I recommend that you post this suggestion to the Product Ideas board at:  Product Ideas


          The Product Ideas board is monitored by Product Management and Development.  All postings are discussed and considered for possible implementation in a future release.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            So, this is not a "bug",  or a "feature",  but rather a feature that is missing


            Perhaps the closing summary should say "Your file may or may not have been modified, or changed. Please read the entire log, to find out what really happened"


            Keep in mind that when people use Recover, they are almost always trying to restore structure, not data


            The "problem" was first noted here:  https://community.filemaker.com/message/526508?et=watches.email.thread#526508




            > I recommend that you post this suggestion to the Product Ideas board