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Problems upgrading to FileMaker Server 13

Question asked by littleitaly5588 on Dec 7, 2015

First, I know everyone is going to say why are you not upgrading to FileMaker Server 14.  Well, I work on a government contract and it takes a year to get software approved, scanned and packaged.  I started to upgrade to FM 12 and then FM 13 came out so  started the process of getting it approved and while I was waiting for it to be approved FM 14 came out.  Hard to keep up with it.  So, here is my problem/question:  I tried to install FileMaker Server 13 a couple of weeks ago and I received an error stating that it could not install the IIS Application Request routing (ARR).  I checked the forum and found info from 2013 where people were having the same problem and the one who was able to fix it did it by upgrading the OS to Windows Server 2012.  Will this still work?  I plan on trying the install again after our IT department upgrades the OS.  Here's another question, if anything goes wrong and I can't install it, will FileMaker Server 11 work with OS Windows Server 2012?