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Inconsistent pdf presentation in container fields

Question asked by Jason_Farnsworth on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Jason_Farnsworth

I have a table in which I store pdf files in containers


I have selected reduce or enlarge to fit, maintain original proportions, and Interactive content

With the above selections I seem to be getting a varied response in the way pdf’s are displayed within that container field on the layout.


  1. PDF previews and I can see the print and page selection
  2. PDF previews and I can see a zoomed in view of the or basically a blank page
  3. PFD does not preview and I can see an icon with the file name
  4. PDF does not preview and I can see only the filename
  5. PDF opens as a temp. file as the layout loads


What is the unknown variable here that is causing the inconsistency in presentation?

Does it have to do with the version of adobe? It seems I get varied results within the same version


Thank in advance,