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    Problem updating Filemaker Server to 14.0v4


      I have a Filemaker Server running on OS-X 10.9.5. I'm having problems updating it to 14.0.4.


      I have tried both the 14.0.3 and 14.0.4 updater, but both installers hang after select the drive to install on, it seems to be hanging when installing "launcher" whatevter that is.

      I've waited like 10 minutes without anything happening.

      Anybody know what is going on ?

      Kind regards


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          Are you doing the 14.0v4 update or the 14.0v4a one? The 14.0v4 update needs to be installed prior to the 14.0v4a update.


          Are you following the install instructions to the letter?



          OS X updater instructions

          To ensure a smooth update, disable virus detection software before applying the update, and re-enable it after you are finished.

          Before running the updater

          1. Disconnect all clients and close all files.
          2. In FileMaker Server Admin Console, stop Web Publishing and the Database Server.
          3. Quit FileMaker Server Admin Console and the Start Page, if they are running.

          Note: For a two-machine deployment, stop all FileMaker Server services on both machines. Then run the updater on the worker machine first, followed by the master machine.

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            Yes, I've followed the instructions on that page. Also I've not touched the 14.0.4a installer, as it requires 14.0.4 to be installed.

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              Try rebooting the server before installing, since you're disconnecting users anyways that should be an easy addition.


              Also, you didn't install java updates outside of filemaker's installers, correct?

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                I have tried to do a reboot before updating, but that didn't change anything.

                There is already Java installed on the server, but I haven't updated it to the newest version.

                My understand was, that Filemaker packaged their on bundle of Java.

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                  Exact same problem. The installer freezes at 148 Installing Launcher.


                  Followed all of the instructions to the letter.


                  I'm running on a VM.


                  Fresh install of OS X and FMS. No third party software.

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                    Found the solution. OS X Server must be disabled (removed from Applications folder); I had no services running.


                    FileMaker should have known this would be a problem. I'm pretty sure using OS X Server along with FMS is fairly common.

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                      Thanks James

                      This solved the same problem I was having. FMI could do a little better here.

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                        Apparently FileMaker no longer certifies OS X Server for use with FileMaker Server, as they do with Windows Server.


                        Support for OS X Server should never have been dropped. Why not drop support for Windows Server too?


                        It's baffling since OS X Server is just OS X used with the Server.app downloaded from the AppStore. Without the Server.app all of the server services have to be configured and managed manually from the terminal, which is ridiculous. Why make it easier for OS X admins to use "alternate web ports" while making it more difficult for OS X admins to configure and manage the web services already present in OS X?


                        I'm pretty sure that OS X and Windows admins requested "alternate web ports" as a feature because they were running FMS on OS X Server and/or Windows Server. This is a natural combination and should be assumed by default by FileMaker.

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                          Thanks James : i had the same with 14.0.4b installer applied to my existing 14.0.4 deployment and your tip solved the problem.

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                            Peter Wagemans

                            Thanks for finding that out.


                            I think the problem is not that OSX server is installed. The problem is that the standard ports are taken, EVEN when FileMaker Server is installed using alternative ports. This says 2 things.

                            1. The problem exists with ANY concurrently running application that uses the 80/443 ports to listen on. OSX Server is not SPECIFICIALLY the incompatible application.I do not see FMI stating that that FMS is incompatible with whatever application that uses those ports.

                            2. Both the a and b patch installers have a first bug where they assume FileMaker server is listening on the standard ports. I call it a bug, because you can configure FMS to use alternate ports during the installation. The updaters should read the FMS settings file and connect to those ports instead of assuming standard ports. But...


                            Which makes you wonder why both patch installers need to connect to those ports, as you are strongly adviced to stop all FileMaker services, which would make those ports... unavailable, right? So I deduct these patchers do not need to connect to those ports at all, but they do, 2nd bug. If they get a connection, they hang, if they don't, they merely cut their losses and install the patch.

                            FileMaker Server runs perfectly on an OSX server. Whatever FMI claims.FMI should patch their patchers.

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                              I guess you must be right. I've had OS X Server running happily with Apache and FMS 14.0.1 with WebDirect on Yosemite for ages (with some tweaking of ports). Now I come to update, the updater just hangs. Looks like I am stuck with FMS 14.0.1 until I bite the bullet and upgrade to El Cap.


                              ... or better still FileMaker sort out their little issues with being too proud to share servers with other applications.


                              Come on FileMaker - wake up and smell the coffee! Not everyone has the budget or the requirement to have independent servers for every application.




                              I pulled the Server app out of applications and it subsequently allowed the update. However, whilst WebDirect is working fine, the OS X services are unavailable ... typical!