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    FileMaker Pro User Group Free Discussion


      Hello Everyone,


      This Thursday, December 10th @ 4 pm, DocuWrx will be hosting a free FileMaker Pro training talking about some challenges to consider when creating a vertical market solution. You can find more information and how to RSVP by going here: December FMPUG - DocuWrx



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          I'm really looking forward to this. (Extensitech co-hosts the Tampa fmpug, although the preso's all on DocuWrx this time around. )


          We've been "geeking out" with Docuwrx, and now co-hosting fmpug, for a couple of years now. Seeing the techniques that DocuWrx employs has really been inspirational for us.


          Even after a couple of years working with FM, and after speaking at a couple of Molly's Product Conventions in Chicago, there were a lot of new things for us to learn from DocuWrx.


          Extensitech does custom development, but with a common "base" across all of our solutions, so even though we don't have a vertical market solution, we've gotten a lot out of our collaboration. The way they manage rollouts of enhancements, multiple files, multiple solutions, SBA and more to service their customers has a lot of applicability for us, and is really a thing to behold.


          I'd encourage others to check out this meeting!


          Chris Cain