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I'm back working (or should I say polishing) the report card layout/scripts I'm working on as a volunteer. I have several questions that I'll apprecaite it if you can point me again in the right direction. My tool is FMP v12.


  1. Are there any features in FMP that will enable a printed report to not put in an unwanted page-break? For example while printing a student report card a three row table with column headers in the first row is printed at the end of the first page and the rest of the table is printed on the top of the second page - an unsightly page break introduced (rightfully so as happens to be at end of page). Rather, when situations like this happen I would like to just print the whole table starting on the second page. Also I don't know if this makes any difference but I am using the slide up feature on the objects so there are no unsighly gaps of white space either.
  2. I found this and before I deep dive reading this will using ODBC facility of FMP enable me to import data from Excel into select fields of a table? I have my first quarter data already in the table that produced the first quarter report cards & do not want to touch them as the second quarter report cards will print those too. I imported those first quarter records by using the "convert an existing file" and choosing "First row will be used to name the fields" when prompted to chose the "first row options" but this time around the table is already there so I have to import from Excel/CSV into the select fields for second quarter.


Thank you!