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    Problem with WebDirect message


      FMS 14.0.4 on Windows Server 2012, any supported browser

      Replicate: Use PSOS with Send Email command

      Workaround: not known yet


      In WebDirect while executing a PSOS I get a message to wait patiently while the script is executed. Unfortunatly this message is in the standard language of the Server system. How can I suppress this message or how can I customize the message? I have an app in which every user sees everything in his choosen language - so this message is a disruption in the user experience of the app.



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          Thank you for your post.


          I have sent your post to our Development and Testing departments for review.  I've included the screen shot, but it doesn't show the issue clearly as everything is already displayed in Deutsche (German).  Regardless, when I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



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            in the meantime a got an answer via FileMaker Support. It is this:

            ——— ANSWER FROM 08th Dec. 2015 ——---

            "Couple things:


            This dialog has been intentionally put in place to protect the integrity of the database. This is our way of blocking users from modifying the data while draco/server is running a long FileMaker script. I do get customer every so often wanting to remove this or change the string. Neither of which is possible today and definitely completely removing it would not be a good idea.


            Some things to try:


            PSOS on FM WebDirect is not necessary since WebDirect is server side and already by default PSOS. Has the user tried removing the PSOS part of the script and see what happens? Can’t guarantee it will fix it but worth a shot.


            Also it would be good to debug the script to see which part of the script is causing this dialog to come up. Normally fast running scripts won’t show this. If this can be pinpointed user maybe able to work around the dialog.


            So there is no easy answer but a reminder that this dialog is important as it protects the data. "


            ——— END OF ANSWER FROM 08th Dec. 2015 ——---


            Thanks for the enlightening answer. I agree with the importance of the dialog box, but if such dialog boxes could be modifyable it would be a great success. Surely a feature request for the next version(s)!


            BUT you mention a design critical point, which I would like to clarify:

            Given a WebDirect solution, which runs on a mobile phone of a user. In this solution a script step call is executed with “Send Email; Sent via SMTP server” with full classified SMTP server account informations. Which hardware is doing the sending, or - more important - which hardware is getting the informations about the SMTP server account:

            - the mobile phone,

            - the server the WebService is running on,

            - the server, the WPE is running on or

            - the server the FMS is running on?


            Thanks for your endeavours!


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              All the heavy lifting in WD is done on the server host, including emailing via smtp.

              It would indeed be desirable that server messages be customisable. +1 for your feature request!