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iOS container script trigger calling camera - unknown script step

Question asked by paulatkins on Dec 8, 2015
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I am experiencing an error with a FM14 solution on FMGO on iOS 9.1 when I use a container field that has a script trigger that launches the iOS camera, I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to point me towards a solution?


I want the user to tap on the container field of a record, and this launches the iOS camera, takes a photo and puts it in the container field.


The script is this:

Insert from Device [ DBTable::ContainerField ; Type: Camera ; Camera: Back ; Resolution: Large ]

Commit Records/Requests [No dialogue]


I have set this as a Script Trigger on the container in the layout, I have tried configuring it onEnter and onModify and both generate this error:


FMGo error.PNG


Less important, but frustrating, when I launch the camera, it doesn't just launch the camera, it brings up the choices of camera or audio etc, I thought this would be negated when I use the Insert from Device command and specify these options. Here is a screen grab of this foible:


FMGo foible.PNG


Thank you!