Jonathan Jeffery

FMS14 falls over with no errors after running PSOS scripts

Discussion created by Jonathan Jeffery on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by TSGal

FileMaker Server 14.0.4

MacMini running El Capitan (fully updated)


I have a Mac Mini running a database written in FMP14. It uses a lot of PSOS scripts to sync data between tables in the file (to keep stored versions of related totals, to speed up searches and reports). However, each script is quite specific and runs only for a few seconds.

There is also an ODBC connection to a remote mySQL database, and a particular PSOS script is run once a month or so to import some data (the other scripts do not use the ODBC connection). The DSN uses Oracle's latest ODBC driver.

Every few days the filemaker server demon stops responding. Hosted databases become unresponsive, and although the admin console apparently continues to function, in fact it has lost contact with the server demon -- you cannot disconnect clients or open/close databases, etc. (although no errors are reported, the action just fails to take place). Nor can you use the command line to stop or restart the server or databases (again, no error is reported, the action just fails to happen).

The only fix is to restart the Mac Mini.

On restarting, there are no errors in either the Admin console logs, or the OS logs (you can see events relating to a restart, but no errors reported before that).

We thought it may have been the Mac Mini (even though it was brand new). However, we've just replaced it with another Mac Mini (a clean install), and the problem continues. Both Macs have had 8GB of RAM. I've tried adjusting the number of allowed concurrent PSOS scripts and the cache size, but to no effect.

The database has no corruption issues.

We hosted it temporarily on a Windows server (2012 R2) and didn't have any issues, although this could have been because it wasn't as heavily used as when it was on the Mac Mini.