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    FileMaker Go Barcode scanning


      I'm using FileMaker Go 14.0.4 and the barcode scanner feature - we need to scan the serial numbers of certain products that we use internally for staff use, such as an iPhone. I've been playing with FileMaker Go and attempting to scan the barcode that's on the back of the box of the iPhone, but it hasn't been able to so far.


      The issue might relate to the location of the serial number barcode - it's in the middle of a group of 3 barcodes - or also it's size. I've tried using the CNS Barcode app and it also hasn't been able to scan this barcode. As I haven't been able to scan it I'm not sure what barcode type it is, but I'm assuming Code128.


      Just wondering if anyone else out there has managed to scan the serial number barcode off the box of an Apple product such as the iPhone or have any suggestions?




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          There are five barcodes on the back of my iPhone 6 box:

          -Model Number

          -Serial Number


          -UPC Code



          What is your goal for barcode scanning? Is it apple products?


          The Insert From Device script step, barcode option, supports numerous formats. Have you tried checking them all to see if you can scan? Are you setting it so it returns a numeric and not an image result?


          Here's a quick video I found that shows filemaker go insert from device scanning. It includes a link to a demo file
          Filemaker iOS device as a desktop barcode scanner demo - YouTube

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            Hi Mike,


            We've got FileMaker Go barcode scanning many other barcodes. We're just having trouble with the serial number barcode on the Apple iPhone box. We're updating our staff asset register with the serial numbers of their mobile phones so we know which one was allocated to which staff etc and trying to avoid having to type these in manually.


            We have all the available barcode types selected but have not been able to scan the serial number barcode (or the model number above it or the IMEI below it for that matter). Everything is setup correctly as we're happily scanning many other barcodes of other assets/boxes - just getting stuck on the iPhone boxes. As we have tens of iPhones in use we're hoping we can scan them and not have to manually type these up.

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              The serial number may be a proprietary bar code of Apples.   I was able to scan the upc code with FMGo, but I had to cover the IMEI code.   I also tested with pic2shop and the only code it was able to scan was the UPC code. I did not have to cover the IMEI code with pic2shop because you place the red line over the code you want to scan.

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                I'd assume what schamblee said is correct. It's a proprietary code that is used by apple and it's vendors and is not available for the average user.

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                  All the non-UPC barcodes on Apple boxes are Code 39. Nothing special. You can tell by comparing the first and last several bars, which are a distinctive (as far as barcodes go) start/stop pattern. I was personally surprised by this when I first noticed it, the BMW of computers using the Kia of barcodes. Restricting the barcode symbologies to scan for in the Insert From Device scripts step might help it work faster (or at all, as the case may be).


                  I think size and proximity are the more likely problems. In a pinch, I've had some success by masking out the other barcodes from view of the camera with my hand. If that works for you and you have to scan a lot of these, you might try cutting a mask out from an index card instead.

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                    After further testing I was able to scan the serial number barcode.   I took a white sheet of part and cut out a rectangle the size of the bar code and place so only the serial number bar code was showing.   It scanned the bottom code most of the time if I did not cover the other bar codes.  I then turned the flash on, this extra lighting seem to help.  I guess the multiple small bars codes together is the issue. 

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                      Thanks,  I was using the Insert script step.  I'm not an expert on barcodes, so I assumed being Apple that they may have been using a special code when I couldn't get FMGo to scan.  Heck,  I had to get a magnifying glass out to see them.


                      I was able to scan the bar codes after further testing.

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                        Scanning barcodes with a iPad/iPhone camera is a far less accurate and more time consuming than using a proprietary barcode scanner.

                        The fact that the iDevice's camera has a larger image view allows for the interference of the codes above and below in your case. A masking template may be your cheapest option or a (rather expensive) Motorola bluetooth narrow field scanner which are far more accurate and rapid solution when scanning large quantities of various 2d codes.

                        I have observed many Apple retail partners having problems trying to get wide field proprietary scanners to catch the specific barcode on the back of these product boxes.