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Merging multiple fields with different separating text

Question asked by Hoochimagoo on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by Hoochimagoo

For 3 separate field lists such as (field1_list ; field2_list ; field3_list)

When merging multiple field lists into a single field with comma separation I have been using:

Substitute (List ( field1_list ; field2_list ; field3_list; ); ¶ ; “, ” )

This works very well. However, I would like to modify this to be able to put different text between the first and second fields and the second and third fields.  And in the future perhaps even more fields.  So rather than just use a comma separation I may use a "that" as well as an "and" to give:


field1_list that field2_list and field3_list


However I would still like to have the comma separation between the items of the three lists.


I expect one way would be to create intermediate fields with the appropriate calculations that create the comma separated lists and join the first and second fields followed by then merging these fields with "that" or "and" separations.  I was just wondering if someone knows of a more single step calculation method?