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Question asked by brian47933 on Dec 9, 2015
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We have a Student ID that identifies the students' faculty and department. Unfortunately if a student changes their faculty they are issued a new Student ID. Currently I use information pulled from another system that provides two fields - one for faculty and one for program. What I would like to do is have FM look at the Student ID and populate a faculty and program field automatically based on digits in the Student ID field. This way I would only need to replace the ID.


The Student ID numbering system is like this:

011403122 =

First two digits identify the faculty (01 = Faculty of Education)

Digits three and four identify the year entered (14 = 2014)

Digits five and six identify the program (03 = Elementary Education)

Digits seven through nine identify order of acceptance


I would like FM to see the Student ID number recognize the first two digits and populate a Faculty field from a value list(?). Then recognize digits five and six and populate a Department field.


Am I on the right track? I assume I need value lists for the two fields. I'm also guessing there is a need for a calculation or script?


I appreciate any guidance or examples.


Thank you!