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Passing Information through a layout.

Question asked by globe11123 on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by globe11123

I'm very new to FileMaker so I have been getting stuck for hours upon end doing something that is probably quite simple.

Basically in our company we start off by creating an account for a company, this will include all relevant information such as Company Name, Billing Addresses, Phone Numbers etc all the general shebang. Next we assign contacts to these accounts ( via company name ) and an account will have many contacts.


I have setup the layouts for Accounts and Contacts and the Tables. The relation between them is one to many, the Account_ID being a foreign key in the Contacts table which allows an account to have many contacts related to it. ( Correct me if I'm wrong )


I want to be able to on the Accounts page to create a contact which will be triggered by a script on a button that passes over the Accounts::Company to Contacts::Company.


I have tried creating a script and using the Set Field function but nothing passed over.




When creating a new contact you have the Company field blank but a popover button allows you to pick a Company from the list of Company's related to the Accounts table.


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!