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    MBS FileMaker Plugin 5.5 development




      in this thread I want to post to you what's new in 5.4 prerelease plugins.


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          * Changed calculation formatting to not format very long texts. New limit is 5000 characters.

          * Added new function DynaPDF.ExtractText to extract text of whole document.

          * Changed a lot of .Release functions to accept a list of reference numbers, e.g. PDFKit.Release

          * For PDFKit.Combine and PDFKit.CombineRef the PDFs parameters can also be lists of paths or reference numbers.

          * Updated openssl to 1.0.2e.

          * Added FM.UpdateRecord and FM.InsertOrUpdateRecord functions.

          * Improved error message when loading a library file fails.

          * Updated DynaPDF to version

          * Added more path functions.

          * Added Content option for DynaPDF.GetEmbeddedFile function.

          * Added more FSEvents functions.

          * Fixed FM.RunDataDesignReport to work better if save dialog is slow to list files.

          * Added DNSLookup functions.

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            * Updated DynaPDF to version

            * Added DynaPDF.AssociateEmbFile, DynaPDF.AttachFile and DynaPDF.AttachContainer functions to embed XML for PDF invoices.

            * Added LDAP functions.

            * Fixed RichText.WriteContainer to use filename parameter correctly.

            * Added Window.ResizeContentView.

            * Changed plugin to use DynaPDF if initialized to render PDF preview images for PDF in container on Windows. This allows FileMaker to show preview on Windows. For Mac we render them using PDFKit.

            * Changed plugin to return JPEG preview for containers with PNG images only in FileMaker 11 and older.

            * Changed plugin to return container values with GIF images always now without JPEG preview. FileMaker doesn't need it.

            * Added FM.DeleteRecord and FM.DeleteRecords functions.

            * Added FM.UpdateRecords functions.

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              * Added new parameters for DynaPDF.ReplacePattern: TextScaling and TextRise.

              * Changed calculation formatting to not format very long texts. New limit is 30000 characters.

              * Updated SQLAPI++ 4.1.7.

              * Updated DynaPDF to version

              * Added example for Solution Registration via elliptic curve signature.

              * Fixed bug in ECKey.Verify.

              * Added new optional ScriptParameter parameter to MenuItem.SetScriptAction and Menu.SetScriptAction.

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                * Added more options for QuickList.MatchesPostfix and QuickList.MatchesPrefix.

                * Added QuickList.MatchesSubString function.

                * Updated Runtime Shrinker to version 2.0 for FileMaker 11 to 14.

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                  * Updated DynaPDF to version

                  * Updated libXL library to version

                  * Added contextual menus to most tables in FileMaker on Mac to copy content of table.

                  * Added SyntaxColoring.ContextualMenuEnabled.SetEnabled and SyntaxColoring.ContextualMenuEnabled.GetEnabled functions.

                  * Added Clipboard.GetHTMLText and Clipboard.SetHTMLText.

                  * Updated SQLite to version 3.10.0.

                  * For addressbook properties and labels you can now both pass with or without kAB prefix. So kABUIDProperty and UIDProperty work now.

                  * Rewrote most of JSON so you can now optionally use JSON reference numbers for JSON objects for faster processing.

                  * Added JSON.Release, JSON.CreateArrayRef, JSON.Parse and JSON.CreateObjectRef functions.

                  * Changed JSON.Add* functions to allow multiple parameters to be passed to add a lot of values.

                  * Added JSON.AddBooleanToObject and JSON.CreateBoolean functions.

                  * Fixed Plugin.Path function for Windows.

                  * Fixed bug in FM.SQL.Field function.

                  * Fixed a memory leak in the internal function to query idle time on Mac.

                  * Fixed a bug in FM.StopScriptIdle and in FM.RunScriptIdle.

                  * Added Preferences.HasValue and Preferences.DeleteValue functions.

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                    * Fixed FM.InsertRecordQuery to copy containers, too.

                    * Added DynaPDF.Optimize function.

                    * Added FM.InsertRecordQueryIgnoreDuplicates function.

                    * Fixed problem in QuickList.MatchesSubString not splitting right.

                    * Improved XML.Import for some special XMLs.

                    * When copying scripts, the plugin now adds links to MBS plugin reference automatically.

                    * Added Window.GetTitleVisible, Window.GetTitlebarAppearsTransparent, Window.SetTitleVisible and Window.SetTitlebarAppearsTransparent.

                    * Added UnZipFile.ExtractFiles and ZipFile.CompressFiles functions.

                    * Added Flags parameter for Hash.MD5.HMAC, Hash.PBKDF2.HMAC, Hash.SHA1.HMAC, Hash.SHA256.HMAC and Hash.SHA512.HMAC so you can define if input is Hex encoded or not.

                    * Updated to newer plugin SDK.

                    * Updated SQLite to version 3.10.1.

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                      * Fixed RichText.ReplaceText to replace more than 100 items.

                      * Added Window.Maximize and Window.Minimize.

                      * Removed debug messages for launch of plugin.

                      * Added DynaPDF.GetTextDrawMode and DynaPDF.SetTextDrawMode.

                      * Changed goto line to animate and jump to the middle.

                      * Changed Syntax Coloring. Unless you open a script editor, relation graph window or debugger, we keep the colors off. This should avoid your clients see colors in text or search fields.

                      * Fixed a problem in email parsing to not mark some inline text segments as attachments.

                      * Changed Search Field in scripts. When you close script editor, the search is reset.

                      * Fixed bug in Syntax Coloring to make sure some letters like a single a is no longer red.

                      * Changed QTMovie.OpenContainer to work better with MP3 files.

                      * Updated SQLite to version 3.10.2.