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    'Print Field Information' Not Working Correctly in FMPro 13


      Selecting about 44 fields in the 'Manage Database' Fields window, clicking the Print button and printing to a PDF results in a printout of only 3 pages in the PDF that include only field information from the first 4 fields and only part of the 5th field. In addition, the 'Formula / Entry Option column is only about 25 characters wide.


      The attachment shows the selected fields to be printed, the resulting PDF printout and the text of the first field.


      I would appreciate any suggestions for printing all of the selected fields, preferably with the information using the available space on the printout page?


      I am running Filemaker Pro 13 on a Win-7 Pro PC with 16GB of RAM.



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          So far as I am aware, you can't change the columnar layout of the field definitions, even if you select Landscape in Print Setup before selecting Manage Database, but maybe I can help with your other problem - not printing the entire list of field defs.

          You would be aware that FileMaker helpfully "remembers" your most recently entered (or scripted) Page Setup and Print settings - including the page range that you last printed. So check your Page Setup BEFORE you choose Manage Database, and then later when you Print, check that the page range is set to All Pages.





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            Thanks.  That fixed my problem printing all fields.


            I also had a problem printing all the scripts.  It turns out that an empty script was the source of this problem.  When FMPro 13 is printing the scripts and encounters an empty script, it will skip over some number of scripts and print blank pages at the end of the printout for the scripts it skipped over. Oddly, it does print the empty script correctly, with the page header & footer and no body text.