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'Print Field Information' Not Working Correctly in FMPro 13

Question asked by khatsalano on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by khatsalano

Selecting about 44 fields in the 'Manage Database' Fields window, clicking the Print button and printing to a PDF results in a printout of only 3 pages in the PDF that include only field information from the first 4 fields and only part of the 5th field. In addition, the 'Formula / Entry Option column is only about 25 characters wide.


The attachment shows the selected fields to be printed, the resulting PDF printout and the text of the first field.


I would appreciate any suggestions for printing all of the selected fields, preferably with the information using the available space on the printout page?


I am running Filemaker Pro 13 on a Win-7 Pro PC with 16GB of RAM.