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SQL Select Kills FM when I have another window open

Question asked by MichaelWiseman on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Mike Duncan

This problem seems to occur inconsistently.



I have an import layout for temporary data.



I have a replace statement that contains an SQL to select a value for each record in my temporary table. When the temporary table is the only thing open, then it works fine but when I have another window open with the same database in it, the statement freezes.


I get the "records left to replace" box and it often makes no progress. When I run the SQL without the replace, FM freezes.

The first time I tested it while writing this question, it failed, but the second time, it worked.


The fields I am working with are not calculations.


What can I do to ensure that this never happens?



Other things I have considered

Automatically closing all windows before running this part of the script.

A tangled mess of new windows, finds, and export/import from text files.