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Web hooks for mailchimp

Question asked by joemang1969 on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by Markus Schneider

I'm Using FMChimp and have it installed ok except for the webhooks

The how to instruction to install these are below:

My question is what goes in "yourwebsite"  can someone give me a sample url  because I've tried my ip etc it does not work? My FM solution is hosted on fm server I've configured my router I think??

can someone give me a step by step as to what needs to happen  I've been trying this for 2 days...




• Go to Mailchimp - Lists - your list - Settings - Webhooks

• Add a subscribes webhook and link it to webhook_subscribe.php, e.g.

• Add a unsubscribes webhook and link it to webhook_unsubscribe.php, e.g.

• Add a profile updates webhook and link it to webhook_update.php, e.g.

• Add a cleaned address webhook and link it to webhook_clean.php, e.g.