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Insert Custom Field Values during Import from Excel

Question asked by daowens on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by mikebeargie

I have limited experience with FM but am not new to data. 


How would one go about designing a solution to support a data import workflow (for fields a, b, c) such that fields x,y,z could be assigned values by the user at the time of import?


For instance, using the following fields...


Field a = product id

Field b = qty sold

Field c = price


Field x = customer

Field y = season

Field z = event name


I need to populate an existing FM table such that each row becomes:

                product id  |  qty sold  |   price  |   customer  |  season  |  event name


Ideally, the values for Fields x, y, z would be entered using a dropdown box which receives its data from tbl.customer or a LOV.


I do appreciate any guidance!