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Upgrading from 9 to 14

Question asked by thor24 on Dec 10, 2015
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I had developed many business and government programs over the years as a Filemaker Developer but retired a few years ago. Recently I've volunteered to help a community based organization that has a number of Filemaker solutions.

Unfortunately they have been upgrading as they assumed that was the right thing to do even though their databases have never been modified since being developed on version 5 then 7. I personally decided to stop upgrading when Filemaker went to version 10 when the comfortable interface was replaced by a somewhat confusing change for what appeared to be no valid technical reason.

As I have now found none of their databases will work on earlier versions. I can't help even though I have access to version 14 it will not run on my imac with snow leopard. Catch 22 pay up or get out seems to be the catch cry with Filemaker these days. I've been studying the community organization's data bases using version 14 and have confirmed my original sense that Filemaker has turned into a money making machine. Good luck to them and their shareholders I guess. The older Filemaker gurus must be turning in their graves or now retired and just don't care.

I find it interesting that all of my clients going back 20 years are still running my solutions with no interest in upgrading to anything. The oldest runtime is still running on Windows 10 and Filemaker Yosemite. Imagine if the bean counters now at Filemaker had been running it way back then, nothing would still be working unless you paid to upgrade every year.

I know I'm an old fogey but honest criticism is justified sometimes.