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    Dynamic find from a list of items


      Hi there


      I've had a couple of use cases crop up where I've been asked to present a list that users can select from which results in a find. 


      For example, if I had the following areas:







      ...and a comparison of the North vs South results was wanted by the user, they'd simply click North and South, or use a checkbox and press 'Go' and FM would do a dynamic find for the variables North and South in the 'area' field of this example table.


      I'm sure this is pretty straightforward but I'm far from wise in this area and am stumped where to begin!


      Thanks in advance

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          Without knowing a lot about what you actually want to do it's hard to give an exact answer.  But basically if it's it only 2 selections, like what is typically done with a Start & End date search, one way is to make 2 global fields, make them dropdowns tied to your parameters (hard coded or based on a field).  Your 'Go' button would grab the 2 fields and perform a find.  Either you would grab the values and concatenate together, or you will need to:

          Enter Find Mode

          Set Field (first parameter)

          New Request

          Set Field (second parameter)

          Extend Found Set or Constrain Found Set, depending on what result you desire.

          If you provide more detail, you will get a more detailed response

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            This has pretty much nailed it, thanks.


            As I said, I was (for some reason on this one) stumped, but can create a pretty cool routine now.

            Thanks for your help