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Question asked by user18344 on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by DanielShanahan


I'm trying to start a POS solution but have already gotten stuck.  I would have thought that you base the printed receipt on the multiple Sale items table, but I also have multiple payments, sometimes we even have multiple customers (max 2 people) on some occasions.


The files are arranged as below.


Sales Invoice---<Sales Items>---Stock Items




How do I set up writing the receipt?  If I base it on Items I would have to create portals for Payments, or is there another solution as this seems very rigid.   I have  many transactions with 10s of receipts with multiple payments and 10s of items, but mostly (90% of the time) I have a  3 items or less and 3 payments or less.


I hope that I've made the question clear if not I'll try to re-phrase what you don't understand.