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    Till Solution



      I'm trying to start a POS solution but have already gotten stuck.  I would have thought that you base the printed receipt on the multiple Sale items table, but I also have multiple payments, sometimes we even have multiple customers (max 2 people) on some occasions.


      The files are arranged as below.


      Sales Invoice---<Sales Items>---Stock Items




      How do I set up writing the receipt?  If I base it on Items I would have to create portals for Payments, or is there another solution as this seems very rigid.   I have  many transactions with 10s of receipts with multiple payments and 10s of items, but mostly (90% of the time) I have a  3 items or less and 3 payments or less.


      I hope that I've made the question clear if not I'll try to re-phrase what you don't understand.



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          It is similar to a invoicing system for inventory.  Your selected items of items to sell form the "drop down" for selecting transaction for the receipt.  These are a transactions in a child table, that the parent table is the header information and totals.


          Payments could be in the same table as the receipt.  Or in a Payment table that looks to the receipt table.  There are a couple strategies that could work in this case.  Just depending

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            Yes the receipts would need an extra table for each of the payments as they would be posted to different accounts at the end of the day.  Someone might make a payment of €300.00 with cash €100.00 and a visa card €200.00.  This could be for something that will eventually cost €1000.00 and have one more payment of €700.00 or 10 more payments of €70.00.


            The problem is how to structure the printed invoice.  I was always told to base a report on the many table but I have many items and many receipts similar quantities on each.  I would like to be able to itemize each sales item and each payment to date on the receipt.

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              A utility table or virtual list might be helpful here.


              How do you want it to look?  I think sketching out the design on a piece of paper may help determine how to structure the receipts.

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                I think that I might have come up with the solution to the problem.  Instead of reporting on every line of receipt in each invoice I will include a line of paid to date total.  Then I only need to worry about the individual day's takings for the sale.  Could I make a field that is slide able with many lines of payments payment? then I could base the Report layout on sales line items.


                Below I am showing a typical Purchase story  customers Come into store and decide to take 1 piece as shown in the sample below;  Please excuse crude layout:




                CustomerID:                                  &                                      Customer ID

                Mr. A Sample                                                                         Ms. B Sample

                1 AnyStreet                                                                            35 Broadstreet

                Anytown                                                                                 Broadtown

                Anyplace                                                                                Somplace

                123456                                                                                  asdf1213

                Any Country                                                                          SomeCountry



                Sale ID:  123456            Sales Person: Joe Bloggs      Cashier:Jane Bloggs

                                                                                               Price              Qty                    Extended Pirce

                Sales Item 1                                                        €1500.00               1                       €1500.00



                                                                                                                              Total Sale:  €1500.00


                                                                                                                            Paid Today:

                                                                                                                                        Visa:  €1200.00


                                                                                                         Balance remaining to pay:    €300.00

                A couple of weeks later the customers will come back in and the order would change from above to the detail below.




                CustomerID:                          &          Customer ID

                Mr. A Sample                                    Ms. B Sample

                1 AnyStreet                                        35 Broadstreet

                Anytown                                            Broadtown

                Anyplace                                          Somplace

                123456                                              asdf1213

                Any Country                                      SomeCountry



                Sale ID:  123456            Sales Person: Joe Bloggs    Cashier:Jane Bloggs

                                                                                              Price              Qty                    Extended Pirce

                Sales Item 1                                                         €1500.00             1                         €1500.00


                New item added to the original                               €1000.00              1                         €1000.00


                Second new item added to original                         €2000.00               1                         €2000.00


                Possible 4th Item added to the original ones           € 500.00               1                            €500.00


                More can be added


                                                                                                              Total Sale:      €5000.00

                                                                                                          Paid To Date:      €1200.00


                                                                                                            Paid Today:

                                                                                                                        Cash:    €800.00

                                                                                                                      Cheque: €1000.00

                                                                                                                 Mastercard: €1000.00


                                                                                                                  Total Paid:  €4000.00

                                                                                            Balance remaining to pay:  €1000.00  


                I need to be able to shrink or expand all the above as the first receipt might have looked something like below:    

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                  Can you say a little more about your product/service that you sell?  In my experience transactions are paid in full with a point of sale system.  If that is not the case for you, is it possible you need a sales order system?  This is more involved as it would likely include invoices, payments, possibly backorders, etc.

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                    We are in the luxury goods business, specifically fine jewels.  Customers can come in and order an item or buy off the shelf.  Currently the antiquated Till system just handles finished goods, in our business the customer comes in possibly has something made then picks other finished items to go with the original item.  There can be multiple payments on each receipt as the values can get quite high but also we can have multiple receipts over months of visits.

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                      Thanks Marcus.  I agree with TKnTexas above.  The receipt can be based on a transactions table which would contain line items for both the product and the payment.


                      You may already have a transactions table in your solution but if you don't, I have a demo file and YouTube video on transactions tables.

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                        Thanks Daniel,


                        The videos are particularly helpful



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                          You're welcome, Mark.  I'm glad it was helpful.