Client Files integration (offline registration system)

Discussion created by LesAteliersTurcotte on Dec 10, 2015
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Hello all,


So we're new to Filemaker, which is why I ask all these newbie questions.


We are currently using a website to register our clients through. We are a dance school.


We'd like to make this an in-house registration system. Can this be done with Filemaker?


Functionalities I'd need:

- email storage (by class)

- parent and child files (with ages, DOB and age calculation, etc)

- amounts they paid for, credits and debits (optional, QB also does this for us).


Mainly the registration "system" which includes personal info, class type, and price.


Can this be done?


I'd hire a specialist to build the database up for us, most likely, with all the coding etc.


But I'd like to know your thoughts.