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    FMPA14 License conflict issues.


      I am still having the same problems as detailed here: FMPA license bug building/editing data separation, why?


      Seems to be an issue with IPv6 and connection to the server. I have IPv6 turned off on my machine and still FMPA seems to find only the IPv6 or IPv4 address for the server depending on how FMPA feels at that moment. The launch center has issues with this. This is causing a lot of problems and the only fix is to open just one file at a time. Not great. There is also nothing graceful about the way the conflict is handled. All open files are closed. This means everything I was working on has to be established again. Costing me a lot of time.


      steveromig advised a call to support. This was good but not very effective. Possibly I need to call again.

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          This problem still occurs with one machine when IPv6 is off. It happens to be my main workstation.


          The current issue is the Thunderbolt cable connecting my workstation and the FM Servers to allow for TDM administration. OSX is assigning an IP address to the Thunderbolt connection as well. So I actually had Ethernet IPv4 + IPv6, and Thunderbolt IPv4 addresses for the same FM client machine. I could also have IPv6 for the Thunderbolt connection as well.


          The issue is that FMP14 will not regularly use the same IP address in the launch center so this is causing the license conflicts. The launch center still has some issues with connecting by either Ethernet IPv4, IPv6 or TBolt depending on what mood it is in.  If you opened a file using the Ethernet IPv4 address and then the next time you go to the launch center it decides to use the TBolt IPv4 or Ethernet IPv6 address you are pretty stuck unless you go into to favorites and add a primary one and only use that connection. FMP/FMPA should be consistently looking for the server at the same IP address to eliminate these license conflict problems. This seems like a bit much to have to work around and the conflict shutdowns are not graceful in any way.

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            Thank you for your posts and link.


            Our Development and Testing departments are aware of this issue with mixing and matching IPv4 and IPv6 addresses being recognized as different machines.  I have attached both forum threads to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.



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              It is good to hear you guys are working on it. I actually reported this issue along side a different launch center  problem during ETS testing and it was dismissed at that time. I hope this gets worked out soon. If you have a headless Mac server using TDM it swaps the IPv4 addresses back and forth.


              Turning off IPv6 on the server fixes the IPv6 mixup but not the IPv4 one.