List Function (General Question)

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Consider if I have the tables:

<Grocery Cart>




<Baked Goods>


A value list is generated for the <Fruit> records.  The value list is constrained by those that are related to the <Season> table.


In <Grocery Cart> a fruit_chooser field assigned to the value list allows users to select fruits, based on the season selection.


In the <Grocery Cart> a calculation field uses the List(function) to list selected fruits.


The user adds fruits from the list generated by <Spring>, but then realizes that the correct season is <Autumn>.  The user changes the season without deselecting the chosen fruits from the spring list.  The user then selects different fruits for autumn.


The problem is that the calc list field "remembers" the prior selections, so the result may be:


Strawberries (spring)

Peaches (spring)

Apples (autumn)

Cherries (autumn)


The list should correctly be:


Apples (autumn)

Cherries (autumn)


I know that I can use a script trigger field to Set(fields);""  but is there a better way to approach problems like this?


Thanks so much for your help!