FMS and Mac OS X El Capitan Update 10.11.2 successful

Discussion created by taylorsharpe on Dec 10, 2015

I just made an upgrade of my development machine to Mac OS X 10.11.2 (from 10.11.1).  It is very big download, almost 2 Gigs.  I did not uninstall FMS and just left version on it and ran the OS upgrade without doing anything to FileMaker.  All files came up successfully.  I have tested WebDirect and it is working and ODBC connections.  I have the MBS and Base Elements plugin on the server and calls to those plugins all are working.  So far it is looking like a smooth OS update with no glitches.


FYI, the hardware is a Mac Pro (Late 2013) Cylindar with 3.5 GHz 6-Core Xeons, 32 Gigs RAM.