Bizzarre create pdf problem with layout objects

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Dec 11, 2015
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Hello all:


I have a client that has Windows 10, FM 14.0.4 and one particular layout is not pdf'ing properly - (they have Acrobat 10 installed)


This particular layout has sub summary parts and within the sub summary part that sits below the body, there are some objects at the TOP part of the sub summary section that simply don't pdf using FileMaker's pdf functionality.

If I preview it - it looks fine

If I print to pdf - it looks fine

If I pdf using filemaker, objects disappear.

I duplicated the layout - no change.

I have played with changing fonts and layout themes, no change.

I have placed new objects (fields and text) within this area, no change.

I have copied objects that appear lower down in the sub summary part in the top part and they also disappear.


Note: this WAS working with FM version 12, on an older version of Windows (7) and possibly and older acrobat.

Note: this works from a Mac with 10.11 and FM 14.0.4

Note: when opening the pdf in acrobat, acrobat indicates that there is a problem, but there is no detail on where or what the problem is, it suggests to check the source creator (or something like that)


This is weird behaviour indeed. I don't really want to re-create the layout... has anyone experienced this sort of thing? Any suggestions.