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Filemaker Pro 14 current update on Surface Pro Unusable

Question asked by cjd on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2016 by fmkrnewbie

I have been using Filemaker Pro for the past 8-10 years on a Mac.  Recently purchased a Surface Pro 4 and FMP doesn't work correctly.  The database loads fine, but if I scroll or manipulate the field in any way other than to input data it goes blank.  If I click on the window that section will come back or if I use the arrow keys to change cards (in my case clients) then the screen will be fine and I can change back to the one I was working on.  This makes the Surface unusable though.


I have tried my database on regular windows machines and it works fine.  Today I loaded several of the built in databases that come with FMP on the Surface and they do the same thing where the window goes blank (white screen inside the window)


My machine:

Surface Pro 4

512 GB HD

16 GB memory


I have updated both Surface and FMP today before asking my question and the results are the same.


Thanks for any help.