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    Creating a hyperlink


      I would appreciate any thoughts about any possible methods of creating a means by which a hyperlink can be linked to text in Filemaker. I've tried everything I can think of and so far I'm striking out. Is this even possible? If so.... HOW? Many thanks!!!

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          "linked to text" in what way? can you give any examples of what you are trying to do? do you know of any other applications (dbs) that do this?



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            Thanks, Beverly. Yes, here is an example of what I'm trying to do....


            I"m sending out an email to several hundred customers. It's loaded with the names of various products, such as...



            More Widgets

            The Most Widgets


            What I wish to accomplish is to be able to link the URL to "Widgets," etc., so that when the email recipient clicks on "Widgets," (which appears as usual in blue), he/she is directed to a website with info on widgets. For the life of me I've not been able to figure out how to do this. Can it be done?


            What I DON'T want is the actual hyperlink showing up on the email. So seeing "widgets: www.widgets.com/widget...." won't suffice. The viewer should see ONLY the word "widget," be able to click on it and be directed to the website.


            I hope I'm making sense and thanks in advance!

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              Ok, max88s! That would be formatted email (HTML/RTF - rich text) and you cannot do that natively with FileMaker. You can create the HTML (because it's just text), but when sending from FM, it's just the raw text and many email clients might convert it to encoded (converting the angle brackets to < and >, for example). Use of plug-in or other methods outside FM are advisable for this kind of formatted email.


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                Beverly, you are a great help and thank you! But I was afraid this was going to be the response. I'm dealing with clients who know ZERO about HTML and I must find a way to simplify their solution. You mentioned plug-ins. Do you happen to know of any I might have a look at to see if it might solve this issue? By the way, I'm already using the angle brackets for such things as the "greeting" or the "company name." But I can't see how I could create brackets that would automatically hyperlink ANY text. I'm sure you will agree. So it sounds like a plug-in might be the ultimate solution. Any further help you can give me would be GREATLY appreciated, since I've been hearing from my customers now for over a year! (Translated... they're NOT happy!)

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                  You can be clever and create calculated HTML (using fields they enter). I do this all the time. And have created entire websites with calculated HTML that was then exported and FTP'd. The Client never saw the raw "code"!


                  You can search for mail plug-ins on this forum and get some great comments.


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                    Beverly, you are a TREASURE!!! Thank you so much for helping a guy who is FAR less sophisticated with FM that you clearly are.


                    Would you mind please giving me just one example of how I would create code to convert text to HTML. For instance, what if I wanted the word "widget" to turn into a hyperlink which, when clicked on, went to www.Widgets.com (but of course the user never sees the hyperlink... only the word "widget.").How would I do that? And since I have no idea what my users will wish to link up, how do I create something that will work in any situation?


                    I appreciate your help!!!!

                    Mac Frampton

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                      P. S. I'm actually very good at creating calculations.

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                        If you are trying to take a field of various text and want to "select" and make some of it "hyper", then it's far more complex than can be described here. If, on the other hand, you present your user with "snippets" where they can say something is a paragraph or a list or a hyperlink (by value-list), then you can "merge" the snippets into an HTML  "document" via calculation and scripting.


                        It greatly depends on what you already have and what you can do with it. If, by your example of a list of items in an email, you may have a related table of these items and the hyperlinks. You can create the calculation using any text, the related items with calculated links and any other text.


                        You might also research custom functions that may give you some clues on "changing" text into whatever you desire.


                        But remember this formatted text, must be send by non-native FM email.