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    Anyone can give me some paid consulting/coaching on dealing with Filemaker server's php?


      I want to make a html web form to allow my client's customer to order on the web. I was thinking about using web direct but the speed is too slow and limited by co-current license. Then I heard about CWP and php api of FileMaker and it seems to be a good way to deal with the issue.


      I have no experience with CWP before and would like someone to give me a guiding hand initially. I am willing to pay for the service. below is what I want to learn:


      - Overview of the CWP and what is the benefit vs web direct

      - How to set up the php thing

      - A quick demo in making a web form and sending data back (or calling a script) to filemaker server.


      Anyone here can offer me such service?


      Thanks in advance