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How to handle related record update?

Question asked by Linda on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Linda

I'm new here, both to the forum and FMP, so please bear with me!  I'm using FMP14 on win7.


I have a patient visits table, which is related to a sensor master table by sensor id. We give a sensor to a patient at a visit.  The sensor master tracks which patient has the sensor, at which visit it was given to the patient, when it is due back and when it actually came back.  Also, the sensor master has a sensor status of “in use”, “available”, “retired”, or “lost”.  The user is entering visit data through a patient portal that displays all visits associated with a patient.


Is there a way to not update the related sensor master record until the user finishes entering the visit record?  Can I have a button on the visit portal row that the user must click to add or update the visit record and update the sensor master?  I want them to have a chance to review what they have entered before they add or update the visit record.  After they click the button, I want to update the sensor master record with sensor status of "in use", patient id, visit number, due date, and return date.


How do I handle the situation where the user realizes that they have assigned the wrong sensor to the visit and comes back to the visit record to change the sensor id associated with the visit.  I need to update the previously assigned sensor to make it available for someone else.  How do capture the previously assigned sensor id and then do the update to that sensor?


Should I just make the users go to the sensor master layout and make the corrections there?  Can I force them to the sensor master layout to make their changes and then return them back to the visit record?  Can I track the event "on a change in sensor id" when in the visit record so I will know to have them update the sensor master record?


I'm all over the map on this and am hoping someone can help me sort this out!  Thanks in advance for your responses.