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FM14 WebDirect to store or not to store…

Question asked by Abingdon on Dec 13, 2015
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FM14.  FMS 14.04.

I am preparing a simple database that will only be accessible internally and will not contain more than 300 records.  Each record will contain an image.

I want users to be able to access the database via Web Direct, rather than Filemaker.

I am wondering if there is a difference in terms of rendering time if the image is embedded in the database or the image is stored externally.  The image size is approx. 2 inches by 3 inches.  I have not as yet optimized any of the images (some are crazy big, 12MB). However, it’s the principal I am interested in at the moment.

Also, I have prepared the database for Web Direct access but I cannot for the life of me remember what a user needs to type into their browser to access it!

Many thanks for advice as always.