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Problem with tricky navigation.

Discussion created by Magnus Fransson on Dec 14, 2015
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Hi all,


I seem to have painted myself into a corner. :-(


My intention was to make a dynamically filtered list view, with a pop over to view details and conditional formatting to indicate certain points of interest.


I started by creating a Cartesian relationship between a “global” table and the table that has the data I want to display. Then adding a single row, filtered portal to a “thin” (list looking) layout. I got something that had the look of a list that was as easy to filter as a portal.


Then I created a “normal” relationship between a global field and the primary key in the “data table”. A popover presenting related details. And a script that enters the primary key, from the selected row, in to the global field and views the popover.


As I was working on the conditional formatting, everything looked to work very well. So far.


Now I wanted a simple way to switch between rows. As the content in the popover, as well as the indication of the row, depended on the key stored in the global field I thought I could just increase or decrease the value by one. And it seemed to work until I reached a “gap” in the data shown in the filtered “list”. This “navigation” gladly wandered right into the gap and “disappeared” while the popover showed data that was not showing in the list.


I do realize the shortcoming in my logic, and knew I somehow have to “remember” the portal row and jump to “next” portal row to get the right key.


Does any one has experience of similar approach and can give some advice before I start to apply next layer of paint (working towards next corner)?


Best regards Magnus Fransson.