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    Field delete impossible bug

    Johan Hedman

      In this example there is one table b with one field y


      The field y in table b cannot be erased. The error message states y is in use by privilige set TST which is not true.

      There only workaround is to erase privilige set TST.


      Here is how to reproduce the error:


      Produce a new fmp12 file in fmp14

      Create table a with the textfield x and table b with field y, make y a globally stored text field

      Create the privilige set TST in such a way that creating a record in table a requires that the field b::y is set to "yes"

      Now, goto Define database and delete table a.


      Try to erase b::y


      This error goes back all the way to FM11 and haven´t been fixed for FM14.