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Data Viewer Font - Strange?

Question asked by WimLibby on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by TSGal

Weird issue going on.  In the Data Viewer, all hyphens are being replaced by a strange box.

See the Contact_Id in the layout below.  It looks fine in the layout, but in the data viewer it is strange.


No idea how to fix it.  It is causing an error with scrips when I past the contents of the field - it is using the "version" as seen in the data viewer.

I tried removing the font, but no luck.


Any ideas how to correct or change the font of the data viewer?


When I copy the result form the edit repression below and paste anywhere, it shows the hyphen.

Somehow Filemaker is using a Font for data viewer that makes a hyphen appear as that funny square.