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    FileMaker SQL?


      I was speaking with another FM developer recently, and he made the claim that FM has an "SQL Backend". I questioned the statement, and he said he came away with that from the Miami DevCon Keynote presentation. I was there, too, and don't remember anything like that, but then again I recall that I went to the keynote right after finding out how good the martinis were at the Fontainbleau bar, so I might not be the best source of information!


      I'd really like to be able to say something like this if it, or something like it, is true. When speaking with IT departments, particularly, there's a bit of what I think of as "snobbery" when assessing FM. Being able to say something like "SQL Backend" or "embedded SQL" or something would certainly soothe some apprehensions.


      Does anyone else remember anything like that, or have any citations that would back up, and or clarify/refine, such a statement? I've done some searching around, thinking that (unfortunately) this would be an easy claim to refute, but I can't actually find anything that says FM is not SQL, either, although I've always just assumed it wasn't.


      I suspect that others, like me, might find this an odd claim to begin with. However, the developer who said this is one I respect, and not prone to just making stuff up. I suspect (hope) that there's at least some wording here that is both factual and reassuring to IT "snobs".


      Does this ring a bell for anyone?


      Chris Cain


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          Hey Chris, I think this video just came out recently:


          Under the Hood: The Draco Engine - Clay Maeckel - YouTube


          Hopefully that has most of the answers you need. Quick answer though: it does not have a SQL Backend.

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            Funny you should mention that. It was that video that caused me to reopen the discussion. It certainly doesn't sound like an SQL backend to me, but I'm not sure what this other developer heard in Miami that would've sounded like that.


            I'm afraid I might've missed some useful verbiage/ammunition for talking to the IT snobs, even if it wasn't exactly that.


            Those martinis were awfully good.


            Chris Cain


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              Well I think this talk with the "snobs" depends on what's important to them. Are they only interested if it's a technology backend that they have vetted? Then you probably won't win them over on FileMaker's backend alone, and you might have to dive into why that's important to them?


              Do they want it to be a SQL Backend because that's how they want to access the data? Then you could have the discussion about ODBC/JDBC or even ESS for certain instances.


              I know that's not the best answer, but it's a nuanced discussion that you'll have to work on. There isn't a silver bullet when that discussion comes up.