Relogin in Webdirect does not accept parameters

Discussion created by user4896 on Dec 15, 2015
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The script step relogin is supported fully in the FileMaker Webdirect manual. I have tried to use the script step to login on an account using values in $variables or global fields. It appears as if the relogin script step does not accept any parameters at all.


I tried to show the values in a custom dialog to be sure that I did not have any access privileges problems. I clearly have access to all field values and $variables. The values are ignored in the relogin dialog.


If I enter values manually it all works as it should, but that is what I am trying to avoid. I even tried to write the username and password directly into the relogin script step and show a dialog. The values were still ignored. My conclusion is that this is a bug.


I have FileMaker server installed. I have tried with different web browsers (on mac) as Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I does not work.

Try this link:$anv_pwd=magnus_test

The file on the server can be reached here:


Filename: SSOtest.fmp12    (Singel Sign On test)

Username: Admin

Password: demo


This is a testified only. Is is not in production. I will have it available to jan 1 - 2016 if nobody wants me to have it available after that.


I have no workaround for this bug.