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    Webdirect and file paths



      I am trying to use a calculation to display an image in a container. My calculation result is set as Container.

      I am using FM server 14 and I am designing a webdirect solution to be used on Windows PC, either IE or Chrome.

      My problem is that I want to store employee pictures in a directory and name the images according to employee ID. I want to be able to Insert images to that directory and be able to show them using the calculation method.

      My question concerns the correct path name. What is the path I should refer to and where should I put my images on the FM Server.

      I am able to use this method locally by using a local file path but it won't work when I am viewing the image using a browser through webdirect.

      I am using this format for the url, considering its a local reference, if I understand correctly. (imagewin:/driveletter:/directoryName/fileName)

      Thank you

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          your local file paths are NOT accessible via WAN or LAN. They may work if you connect via a browser on the server itself, but it will never get you what you want outside the machine for direct reference.


          If you can calculate the path, then you should insert the images via script to a container so they will be accessible externally.


          You can have a server scheduled script run with some sort of frequency if needed to update the images in your staff directory. Storing them in a filemaker container is the way to go though. Those are the best compatible and also get optimized for web transmission by the filemaker web publishing engine.

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            The problem is that I am using an ODBC data source (MS SQL) and that I can't directly store images in it. I thought about creating a path (Calculation result as a container : "image:drive/directory/file" & employeeID & ".jpg") and to refer dynamically to that path. I would only need to create images with the right name in the right directory.

            Is that a possibility? Otherwise, I thought about doing a one to one relationship between two tables and use a table with only one field to store the image. My insert image script would create a new record in that table and link it with my main table.

            The main thing here is that I CAN'T store a container in my table containing employee information.

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              make a 1:1 relationship to a filemaker table to store your images. If you're using SQL already you should have a valid unique ID for your table. The filemaker table can just be SQL ID and container, simple two fields.