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    Time Worked Report



      I am working on a volunteer database. I need to produce a report of hours worked by each volunteer on both a monthly and annual (total) basis.  I am hoping to do this in a single report and have the ability to show all volunteer or a single volunteer in a format shown below.


      Name                   Jan         Feb     Mar       April…….         Year to Date

      John Doe             8             12                                                   20


      I have a table (work Log) which contains the volunteer's name, Month, Year, and an elapsed time calculation.


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          That should be achievable by constructing your report in the Work Log table, if I read you correctly. You would probably need to set up one or more calc fields to generate monthly and annual totals, then you would create a sub summary part on the report layout sorted by volunteer's name, and place this/these calc field(s) across the layout. Someone else may chime in and suggest it can be done using ExecuteSQL.