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Go to related record - strange behaviour?

Question asked by paulwatts on Dec 15, 2015
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I have a parent table and a child table and I have a script that selects a set of child records then finds the corresponding set of parent records. I use "Go to related record" and select "Show only related records" and "Match all records in current found set". This works perfectly well in an old (July 2015) copy of the file but, for some bizarre reason, doesn't work in the current version. The current version always finds the same 819 parent records (out of a total of 1456 ) no matter what the original set of child records found are. Exactly the same behaviour (819 records) is repeated for 2 other pairs of tables in the same files. Strange or what?


Has the script been changed? I have copied and pasted the Jul script into the Dec file and this hasn't fixed the problem.

Have relationships changed? I have checked relationship diagrams for the Jul and Dec files several times and they are identical.


What I need now are ideas on what might be the problem or what I can do to diagnose the problem. Does anything come to mind?