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File not closing properly on Server

Question asked by MartinBridges on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by MartinBridges

I'm having major issues with one database. Every now and then it will freeze - say, once every few months, but once it was only a week apart. The FM file is quite modest in size. 18 tables in total of which there are 4 main ones. Client, (23 fields, 28 records), contract (25 fields, 153records), property (92 fields, 20,253) and job (98 fields, 34,752). It has a number of stored docs so is 3.4GB.


So it would freeze, and the user would have to force quit (it would say that FM was not responding) but then could go back in again. Any other users at the time could continue to use the database ok until they tried to go through to any layout based upon the job table, and then their machine would freeze too. Interestingly one could edit job records via a portal in the property layout, but if you created a new job record via the portal you'd get the spinning ball again.


Interestingly the database activity suggested that individual users hadn't logged off as there were multiple entries of them being logged in. So I would close the database in the Server Control Panel. But it wouldn't let me open it again. The hosting company had to reboot the whole server for it to work again. I tested every route on to any layout based on the job table, I've run recover a few times and never found anything untoward.


So last weekend (because it was on a shared server FMS13) we moved it to a dedicated FMS14 server, so if it happened again I could reboot the server withing minutes and... it was fine over the weekend and all day yesterday and today it freezes every 20 minutes!


The hosting company says it has experienced once or twice in 16 years, files being closed on the server that can't be reopened because FMS thinks the file is already opened. It has no idea what the developer did to rectify it. The hosting company also can't see any logic between a file freezing and the server issues.


I'm now going to completely rebuild the jobs table. Any other suggestions?