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    Copy Bottom Navigation Part


      I have a button bar across the bottom navigation, is there a way to copy it over to each layout i have?




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          Hi Rishi

          You can copy and paste multiple objects from one layout to another.  To save you time in future development you might want to select them all and group them together.  Select all the elements that you want to copy and group them together as one group (you can find the group button in the Inspector, Position tab, Arrange & Align section).  An important thing to be aware of is that if any of your navigation buttons are context specific relating to the layout they are on, then that context would need to be changed throughout your solution depending on the context of each layout (ie. the table occurrence on which it is based).  A better arrangement would be to ensure that your navigation buttons are able to work in any context and then you can go right ahead and copy and paste them from layout to layout.


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            So I assume there isn't a copy and paste option on the specific part, I always have something in the slightly wrong positions it seems like because all my layouts are sized differently.

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              Hi Rishi.  There is not a copy and paste option for the specific part - but you could get around it like this.  Place a rectangle object on the footer and size it to be exactly the same size as the footer.  Then group all the elements in the footer as one group.  When you create a new layout, just make sure you set the footer to the same height as your navigation bar.  Copy and paste the group.  In the Inspector, the group's left position will be 0 (zero) and the top position will be the same as the top position of your footer.


              Alternately, every time you start a new layout, duplicate your "master" layout and work from there.  Chris

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                I already went through the mess of copying and pasting the bar,


                I never thought of duplicating. I will implement that in my next version,









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                  Do you know how to use the position features of the inspector?

                  Including the ability to switch to point sizes to make positioning easier?

                  Seems to me you're describing something that is easily fixable, though perhaps somewhat tedious.

                  How many layouts do you have to deal with?



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                    Yes I know about these features, but it is just a lot of just busy work,



                    I have 15-20 layouts once I finish, I was just trying to see if FileMaker had an easier way to do this. In theory this part should be the same throughout the application




                    Thanks for your help though

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                      OMG I saw the upgrade has a "Navigation" part and assumed it was an actual navigation part, but all it is, is a "Static" part.  How utterly disappointing.