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FM13 to FM14 Migration Web Viewer DWF Problem

Question asked by jmadison on Dec 15, 2015
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(Full disclosure:  I first posted this question on  No replies there as of yet.)


Hi Everyone!


I have a problem with something that works fine in FM13, but does not work in FM14.  I am using a web viewer to display a *.dwf file, which is an Autodesk file we use commonly for displaying drawings.  For those who are unfamiliar, think of it as Autodesk's version of a *.pdf. 


I'm running Windows 7, and I have the Autodesk Design Review Software installed.  When I access the file in Filemaker through the web viewer in FM 13, it displays right in the web viewer, which is what we want.  If I do the same thing in FM14, however, it wants to open in the outside application.


To demonstrate this, I created a stripped down version for FM13, and one for FM14, and I've included a TEST.DWF file.  To use my tests, you would need to save the TEST.DWF file, and insert it as a file reference using the "Insert File Ref" button.  Then, you should be able to toggle between "Show" and "Show File Ref" to demonstrate the problem.


Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.