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    Value list: Sorting by '3rd' field


      I have a pop-up field in a portal, currently using a value list based on 1st field ID, 2nd field Name showing only 2nd field. However, I want to create another field so that names get sorting based on whether they are the 10 most commonly used above a divider, then the rest of the names and each of these 2 sub-lists sorted by name. This 3rd field would have a pre-cursor value 0_ and 1_ for the respective list.


      Problem: How do I sort my VL by the 3rd field to get the sub-lists but only show Names (2nd field) in the pop-up?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          I would say: No kan do

          Maybe you wanna build a work around with a popover with a portal containing the values:

          - disable field access and set a popover over the field

          - have a portal in the popover window sorted by 3. field. Every row with a button with script

               • set Field value

               • close Popover

               • commit


          This is a work around I'm specifically using für FM Go with Portal Filters and search-follows-input filter, since pop-up fields with endless lists really sucks

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            Sadly, the field in question already needs to be in a portal alongside other relevant fields. I assume I can't put an edit field with a popover in the portal when said popover already contains a portal? Pretty that's not allowed?

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              Benjamin Fehr

              though you need to find a way to have field1 AND field2 combined to be used as Field 1 in Valuelist in order to use Field3 as the second value (not shown) to use for sort order.

              Maybe a cross table with formula field f_Value1 = myTable::Field1 & " | " & myTable::Field2 can help.

              Look out for other approaches with search query

              - Virtual list

              - Magic Value List