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    Use Filemaker as robust Personal CRM system


      I’m in need of a more robust Contact Manager. The Mac Contact DB does not allow enough customization.

      I envision using Filemaker to be a Master Dataset to the Mac Contact List (maybe it replaces it)

      Mac Contact - min dataset < — > FM 14 - master dataset

      Data updates coming from user or from 3rd party apps like Circleback, Linkedin, Twitter, etc...


      External App Access desired:

      Linking to Omnifocus from a record (Tasks)

      Linking to Evernote Notes/Notebooks from a record (Research Notes)

      Open Contacts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc page from record field

      Access Phone from a record

      Access Map from a address


      In general I’m trying to find a good place (FM?) to put all of my sources of current truth about a contact. Then do some fancying sorting. And of course be able to do searches using Filemaker Go. I.e. show me all the People in my Contact list that Play golf and live in Silicon Valley. Facebook searching seems pretty good there, but not really tied to my contact list.

      BTW In the past I’ve found the note's fields to be limited, either truncated or not be able to support hyperlinks, pics etc… I hope that has been fixed. Evernote I hold as the Gold Standard on Note encapsulation - anything goes there.

      I appreciate any advice or comments you can make. I need to know most of this works now in FM, what's possible.


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          FM's text field will never do what Evernote does - FM is a database so it stores data by data type.  Text in a text field, pictures in a container field.  So if Evernote is your golden standard then you need to look elsewhere or find a way to more intuitively integrate FM with Evernote (realizing that some of the data will be stored in Evernote then and not in the FM database).


          Your "ask" is very big.  It can all be built, but it is not a small undertaking.  Your best bet is to start small and build from that.  Start with the thing that will give you the most value quickly.

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            Thanks wimdecorte. I know this is a big ask. I will expand further, it is a need for structured data in a ever largely more unstructured world. I keep most of my world in Evernote, many Notebooks and use Tags extensively. But I have need of a bridge to my Contacts world. And to make the Contacts world stronger which is why I keep coming back to FM.


            The Contact part is straightforward, and then capturing picklists or data entry selections. Noting Contact relations etc... Manifesting connections (use this link) to go the other contact info sources. If FM can't accept and then act upon a URL in a note that may be my undoing. But Script Triggers I guess can accommodate this though.


            I found I posted about the Links more than a year ago.  Do Note fields support clickable links?


            I will try to prototype the big piece of what I wish and see what is then available on FM Go. Thanks for your comments.

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              This idea of a text field supporting clickable links sounds like something that would be an ideal project for http://www.modularfilemaker.org/

              I suspect that there would be performance overheads if it was applied to a text field at all times, but if it could be triggered at time of desired use (ie. when the user wants to actually go to the link) to evaluate the text in the field and then return links that would be something that lots of developers would find extremely useful.

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                This thread caught my attention because of similar interests. Any update on finding a solution?