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Assemble calc field with words that replace checkbox selections (FM12)

Question asked by laura.bowyer on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by Extensitech

Good morning folks!


I am in need of a custom function or calculation that will assemble a list of words separated by "/" based on selections that a user clicks on a checkbox field.


For instance, the checkbox field has values of letters:  Checkbox.JPG


The resulting calculated text should always be in the same order based on the above and be written out as: "White/Blue" if W and U are selected. If B is selected only, then "Black"


I have the calc making an array based on the above options then substituting the "/" between the words and removing the carriage return, but can't get it to remove the trailing "/" is one exists:


( Substitute ( If (PatternCount (PublishingReleaseItems::ColorIndicatorInput; "W") = 1; "White" & ¶ ;"") &

If (PatternCount (PublishingReleaseItems::ColorIndicatorInput; "U") = 1; "Blue" & ¶ ;"") &

If (PatternCount (PublishingReleaseItems::ColorIndicatorInput; "B") = 1; "Black" & ¶ ;"") &

If (PatternCount (PublishingReleaseItems::ColorIndicatorInput; "R") = 1; "Red" & ¶ ;"") &

If (PatternCount (PublishingReleaseItems::ColorIndicatorInput; "G") = 1; "Green"  ;"") ; ¶ ; "/" ))


What am I missing?