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Solution to become multi customer

Question asked by glorifindal on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by rporter

Hi there forum,


We have a solution that has been in the building for over 3 years - it's comprised of 10 Files.

It started out as an installation per customer ... and now a change has been asked for: 250 + clients are going to share it - but data visibility needs to be on a customer basis.

It has not been designed for multi-customer usage - we did NOT include record level security.

I have complained and it has been acknowledged - now we need a solution.


I now have the following decision to make: What possible implementations / modifications represent the best solution.

1) Use FMP Dev to create 250 instances of the application - include Customer Short Name in the Solution name = 24 hours for every upgrade (5 minutes per solution renaming using the FMP Dev tools - hardware is not an issue.

2) Redesign the solution to allow for multi-customer - taking into account data visibility per customer - this will need to take reports into account.

At the moment it's set up to use external authentication.

Would anyone like to point out the pros / cons to each of these solutions?

Many thanks in advance