"Insert From Device" not triggering iPod camera in FM Go 14

Discussion created by tkessler45 on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by schamblee

I have a basic database where I have records with container fields in which I am trying to save an image captured from an iPod Touch. The database layout has a single button to trigger the Insert From Device command, which is looks like the following:


If [ Get ( LayoutName ) = "AssetAudit" ]

     If [ assetdb::scanstatus = 1 ]

          Insert from Device [ assetdb::scanimage ; Type: Camera; Camera: Back; Resolution: Small ]

     End If

End If


There are some other conditionals in the script, but this is the approach for triggering the Insert from Device command. This is bound to a basic button that should run the script when in a given record of the database; however, when I click it nothing happens. I would expect it to load the iPod's camera so an image can be captured and saved, but no such luck. This behavior happens on both an iPhone 5s and iPod Touch (5th generation, I believe).


Any clues on what to do?